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Client : Base Coat Nail Salon
Credits : Consume & Create
Role : Consume & Create Studio
Creative Direction: Josh Wills
Development: Matt Wiggins
Brand Development: Dan Quay, Will Johnston, Dylan Fowler
Design Direction: Chris Nguyen, Kyle Muir
Copywriting: Alicia Danielson
We unleashed our creative powers to transform Base Coat Nail Salon's branding, packaging, and website into an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Their brand story? We reimagined it like never before, captivating minds with our unique twist. And guess what? We even conjured up a badass custom Shopify site, a virtual haven where their products reign supreme. Prepare for a nail revolution that'll blow your mind!

What we did:
Branding suite, website, design, illustrations
Client : New Belgium Brewing / Voodoo Ranger
Credits : Consume & Create
Role : Design direction, concept, development
When Voodoo Ranger is off-duty, he embraces his wild side at home. He dominates virtual realms, devours the most delectable pizza creations, and unleashes a symphony of hop-filled awesomeness with every sip of ice-cold IPA. Get ready to witness the legendary escapades of Voodoo Ranger—gaming, munching, and raising the bar for ultimate relaxation. Cheers to a life less ordinary!
Client : The North Face
Credits : Factory Design Labs
Role : Design Direction, Storyboarding
Get ready to conquer the great outdoors with Mountain Athletics, the app designed to unleash your untamed potential. Curated by world-renowned outdoor athletes, this isn't your average training experience. Brace yourself for a journey that takes your goals to new heights. It's time to unleash your inner adventurer!
Client : The North Face
Credits : Factory Design Labs
Role : Design Direction, UX/UI, Storyboarding
Gear up and ride the powder wave with the Snow Report app, your ultimate guide to scoring the sickest snow near you. No more guesswork or settling for mediocre slopes. We've got your back, delivering real-time updates and uncovering the hidden treasures of the mountains. Prepare for epic adventures and unforgettable rides. It's time to conquer the snow like a fearless warrior!
Client : New Belgium Brewing
Credits : Consume & Create
Role : Design Direction, Storyboarding + Animation
Launching a podcast that uncovers the secrets of crafting a kickass business by doing good and treating your employees like royalty. But hold on tight, because this isn't your average walk in the park. We're diving headfirst into a whirlwind of challenges, electrifying creativity, and unyielding passion to bring this vision to life. Let's rock this mission of revolutionizing the business world, fueled by goodness and driven by success.
Client : CJ America
Credits : Bankrobber Productions / Madwell
Hana & Susie Meoww
Adam Levite
Chris Nguyen
Bankrobber and Starfish teamed up with the fierce duo Hana and Susie Meoww, ready to ride the electrifying Korean Wave at KCON NYC. With our vision of thrilling mischief and unbridled fun, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure through the Javits Center, leaving a trail of epic moments in our wake. Madison Square Garden couldn't contain our audacious spirit as we took on the CJ Challenge with unstoppable energy. A massive shoutout to the incredible team at CJ America for believing in our wild vision. Brace yourselves, because we'll be back next year to ignite the KCON stage once again.
various brand projects